How Senior Photography Can Be Done Most Effectively

Senior photography is one aspect of portrait taking which can prove challenging, especially if you don't have much experience of capturing this type of personal image. It is very different from taking pictures of a landscape or your vacation photographs, as you will be working at much closer range with a need to capture far more intimate detail. If you are planning to offer this service to clients on a professional basis, you will definitely need some degree of formal instruction to learn the basic techniques of photography at this type of close range.

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Those who are used to photographing static objects or landscapes from the outside world are surprised at just how much difference it makes to a portrait photograph when the photographer manages to maintain dialog and eye contact with the person posing for the picture. Although you don't want people moving around when the pictures are being taken, you do want to create a fluid image instead of one which looks as though a statue has been photographed. You need to do just enough engaging with the subject to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, and to make them appear natural and living.

Part of the secret of effective portrait photography is to have the right backdrop, and this is relatively easy to achieve when the person visits your studio. You will be able to use your own proven backdrops, which will be tested increasingly often as you continue to run your business. The color scheme which is used needs to fit the individual subject, and this can be decided as the shoot progresses. Although you should be able to see at a glance which backdrop you need, there is no harm in experimenting as extra pictures taken cost nothing.

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There are several elements of senior photography which need to be in sync with the backdrop being used.. the most obvious of these is the lighting, which needs to interact with the backdrop and the subject to produce the right effect. Only experimentation and experience will tell you exactly how the lighting needs to be arranged for different subjects, but when you find a set up which works you can make a note of it for future occasions. A lot will also depend on the pose taken by the subject, as the lighting can help to make features more prominent if desired.

Effective photography techniques can be learned in a variety of ways, and if you were brought up with other photographs you may have enough skill to carry out the job without any formal training. Failing this, there are many online resources which can be accessed for free, and these will show you everything you need to know. Modern technology makes it easy to practice, and you can take as many practice shots as you need without wasting resources. For those who are serious about making a career out of portrait photography, it is still a good idea to take a formal study course.

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As a professional in senior photography, it is still useful to display credentials on your website, even though you are working freelance. You will find it easiest to make a living in this field if you can be as broad in your choice of subject as possible, and not just confine yourself to one type of portrait. It is also essential that you live in an area which has enough potential customers. Advertising is essential, although a large percentage of your clients should come through word of mouth. It should be relatively easy to rank for keywords relating to senior photography.

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