Where To Source Photography Props For Indoor Shots

Photography props can a unique touch to portraits and other indoor photographs, especially those which involve children or animals. It is important to realize right at the start that props are only designed to be additions to photographs, and they must never detract from the main purpose of showcasing the subject of the photograph. There are many props available from professional photography shops, but some of the most effective are those which photographers find for themselves from thrift stores and other places off the beaten track.

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One of the most effective uses of props is in adding to the appearance of photographs of newborn babies. There has always been a heavy demand for this type of photography, but this demand is increasing now that digital photographs are so easy to copy and archive. A photograph of a newborn baby is not as easy to take as you might think, even when the baby is behaving perfectly normally. Although a close up picture is obviously needed, the effect can be ruined completely if the lens is too close. A prop means that the lens can be a comfortable distance without there being too much white space around the subject.

It is also common for close photographers to be asked to take pictures of pets, either in a studio situation or in the environment in which the pet feels most at home. These pets can be all different sizes, and they can be many different colors. Each poses unique difficulties to the photographer who has to try to capture them on camera, and props can be extremely useful in assisting the photographer to find the right color and light balance. Many pets are completely at home with a prop which they have at home, and this can put them in the right mood to have the picture taken.

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You can use photography props in any portraits, even those of adults and situations where there are multiple subjects. If you are taking photographs of people of college age, it can be useful to include a prop related to the subjects which are going to be studied. Musical instruments and sporting goods can also make excellent props for those who are so involved, and they can make it easier for the photographer to position to the subject. It is often difficult to know what to do with the hands, and the use of props can solve the problem.

The use of props in any of these situations can make the job of the photographer easier, but in the case of the pets and the newborn babies there is often a need for the photographer to source their own props. This is not as difficult as it sounds, as long as you keep your eyes open and your attention fixed on the job. There are countless potential sources of props, but many professional photographers find local thrift stores especially useful. They can find cheap props of every description which will fit into a huge variety of poses with different subjects.

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If you are finding it difficult to source photography props locally, there is always the Internet. Many small stores with stocks of suitable props are happy to ship them worldwide if you can submit an online payment. There are also the online auction sites, which have a constant supply of new props and articles which are being discarded by their owners. These articles are often difficult to find as they don't fit into any specific category, but a thorough search can throw up many items which are selling for low prices, and which will make excellent photography props.

Author: Marc Knox




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