Can You Earn A Living From Freelance Photography?

Freelance photography is a profession which is becoming increasingly attractive to people, now that the prices of high end camera equipment have fallen to a reasonable level. It is a highly competitive arena, and it is not a business from which you could ever expect to become rich, but there is no doubt that it can provide an above average living once you have built up a reputation and a following. Even though modern equipment can compensate for errors and allow you to touch up photographs once taken, it is still essential to learn the correct techniques.

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The best known discipline in the freelance world is wedding photography, and this is certain to never go out of fashion. Even though there are now easy ways to take video recordings of the big event, there is a always a desire to have moments captured on still photographs for easy reference. The actual technical aspects of taking wedding photographs are not that difficult, as there is no need for a special backdrop or for any artificial intervention. You are simply taking a photograph of what is there in front of you. Even extreme weather conditions are not difficult for a professional to deal with.

There are far more difficult situations in which freelance photographers have to operate, usually indoors. Another common way to earn money from the art is to act as a portrait photographer, taking photographs of people or animals in a specially designed studio. Portraits are far more difficult to get right, because they are a combination between photography and art. You are not simply trying to reflect what is there to be taken, you are trying to add to it and present it in the best way possible. This is something which will take time and dedication to learn.

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The highly specialized aspects of freelance photography are even more difficult to master, but they can give you the chance to develop your own niche within a city or county area which is virtually yours alone. You can do this by photographing newborn babies, for example, which is extremely challenging but highly rewarding when you get it right. The key to being able to photograph babies effectively is to make sure that the backdrop and the lighting are bringing the best features out of the subject. Timing is also critical, as babies don't stay still for very long.

Another subject which is prone to move and do its own thing is the animal, and this can present even greater challenges to the photographer. Babies are roughly the same size, whereas pets can vary greatly, making the calculations of angles and distances far more difficult to achieve. Pets also vary greatly in color, which can provide the photographer with more opportunities to use contrasting backdrops and lighting effects. There are pet photographers who insist on working from their own studio, while others are happy to travel to the owner's home where the pet will feel more relaxed.

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Even though freelance photography is a career which you can enter with no formal qualifications,there is still an obvious need to learn the techniques of the business before you start trying to win professional assignments. In the past, many photographers would learn their skills from other people they knew, especially photographers who were in the family or who were close acquaintances. Now, the availability of online learning has made it much easier for people to study for a new career while they still earn money in the old one. Online courses are an ideal way to learn the skills you need to break into freelance photography.

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