How To Choose The Right Backdrops For Photography

Backdrops for photography are needed in any branch of the profession in which a studio is used to gain the most pleasing and apparently natural effect. They are also needed whenever someone wants a photograph taking in their own home, and the backdrops which exist are going to be totally unsuitable, such as when the colors clash completely with those of the intended subject. It is not difficult to improvise and to produce your own effective backdrops, but you can save time by using a professional solution.

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If you are going to be taking human portrait photographs, you will usually need a light colored backdrop which shows off the features of the face. The colors which the person is wearing will be of little importance, as the focus of the picture will be very much on the face. A white backdrop will work with just about anyone, but is especially effective with those with dark hair. If you want to create the most mysterious and engaging effect, using a slight off white will do this. Those of a lighter hair color and complexion may need a pure white, or even a complementing pastel shade.

The photography of pets is a completely different issue, as it is likely that the full body will be showing in the photograph. In any case, the color of the pet needs to contrast effectively with that of the backdrop. Light backdrops will still work best in most situations, and certainly if the pet is darkly colored. It can also be useful with pet photographs to have a backdrop which is not entirely plain, but which has some extremely mild pattern or something which can add to the interest in the picture. This needs to be done carefully, so as not to distract attention from the pet.

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You can also buy special backdrops for photography to use in certain situations. A common example of this is when newborn babies are being photographed, as these photographs will often benefit from a different type of emphasis. It is possible to create highly effective newborn photographs using blank canvas backdrops, especially if the subject is close up, but a slightly darker or patterned effect can certainly emphasize the features. If you are going to be taking photographs of newborn babies regularly, you will need to buy a series of specialist backdrops and know in which situations to use them.

The use of backdrops is inherently linked to the use of lighting, as it is the two together which combine to create the effect around the subject. Experimenting with lighting is one of the keys to becoming an effective and skilled photographer, and this should ideally happen first in a learning situation, where someone with more experience and skill can show you the basics. Once you have reached a certain level of proficiency, it is then a case of experimenting to find your own original style and trademark, something which will mark your photographs as being different.

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Choosing backdrops for photography is more difficult for the amateur photographer who does not have the time or money to invest in a formal learning course. In this case, it is important to take advantage of the resources which are freely found online, in which you can clearly see for yourself which backdrops are proving effective in which situations. Even if you do not have the resources of a professional photographer, you can still develop your own personal style and create effective photographs, as even cheap equipment can now produce a high resolution and accurate reproduction of colors. These are vital when working with backdrops for photography.

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